The BEST $29 I Ever Spent!

On Saturday I stopped at my local Staples and picked up a 16GB USB thumb drive, for which I paid the grand sum of $29.   I was pretty happy with that – not cheap, but a reasonable value.

But when I arrived home, I found a coupon inside for 35 free songs plus a free audio book. It was the usual ‘sign up and cancel at any time’ type of thing that I typically ignore, but I was in the market for a new audio book, and 35 songs sounded pretty good, so I signed up and started the process of downloading songs.

It didn’t take long to figure out that anything current was not included in the free offer, and the company was missing many of the major artists, so I was forced to move my time horizon a few decades.

I was starting to get annoyed until, taking a total long-shot, I entered the name TV21.  Now you almost certainly would not have heard of TV21.  They were a little known band from the U.K. in the 80’s, but I had an album of theirs called A Thin Red Line that I played to death in my teenage years.  I had searched for this album since my vinyl version went missing, and I would have paid handsomely for it.  And here it was FOR FREE!  This was a massive result.

Inspired by this diamond in the rough, I dove back into ‘panning’ for classic music from the 80’s.

Mid way through this hunt, my brother skyped me (I live in NJ and he is still in London) and we started brainstorming about the bands we listened to in our youth.

Most of what we came up with wasn’t available, but we laughed and played old music back and forth to each other.  His wife (Sandra) got in on that act and my wife…well, she’s a classical fan, so she opted to escape the office for the duration.  We ranged from classics such as Abba and a-ha, to less note-worthy offerings such as Musical Youth and Kajagoogoo (suggested by Sandra – I’m not putting my hand up to that one!)

Mixed in with that were some classic bloopers – such as the album shown as Never Mind the Bullocks – Here’s the Sex Pistols.   Clearly the spell checker didn’t like the original word and, yes, the picture on the album cover showed the real story.

My brother and I don’t talk as often as we should, but for over an hour we laughed and reminisced about old times…it was great fun!

When all was said and done my $29 netted me 35 free tunes, an album that I would have easily paid twice that for (for nostalgic reasons), and an audio book that has been on my list for a long time.  I also spent an amazingly fun hour laughing and talking with my brother and sister-in-law, and…oh yes…snagged a 16GB thumb drive.

Such a deal!  Thank you Sandisk – you made my weekend!



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4 responses to “The BEST $29 I Ever Spent!

  1. What, no Mott The Hoople???????????

  2. You should send your post to Sandisk. I’m sure they’ll enjoy it. Great post!

  3. John Houldsworth

    ..O Yes, Mott the Hoople, was on the suggestion list. Dude, all they young dudes.

    It was good fun, well for us…Sorry Joanne. Please do not seek revenge : )

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