Nature’s Plan for Long and Happy Relationships

A few weeks back was a very sad day for me – I took a pair of reading glasses into work for the first time…ever!

Yes, I finally had to admit that some things (my iPhone for one) are starting to reach the point where it takes me a while to make it out, and I can actually read longer and faster if I am wearing something that gives a little magnification.

Of course my wife figured it out before I did.  On our anniversary I expectantly opened a small package from her hoping to find the latest cool gadget, or perhaps some outrageously tiny lingerie that she would model for me later and…it was a pair of reading glasses.  While initially a little put out by this, I have to admit that they have proven to be very useful.

But yesterday it occurred to me that there is a silver lining…this is really just nature’s way of helping those of us in monogamous relationships keep things interesting.  I love my wife dearly, and think she is beautiful, but I’m sure that neither of us stands up to close scrutiny the way we did 10, or even 20 years ago.

Fortunately, since we are both in the same situation regarding eyesight, we no longer have to worry about those more intimate moments degrading into a close examination or wrinkles, gray hair, or the quantity of ear hair that has materialized overnight.

I tell you nature has solutions for everything…and they are so much better than the alternatives…


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One response to “Nature’s Plan for Long and Happy Relationships

  1. John Houldsworth

    Good job it was only glasses…Soon it will be pipe and slippers : )

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