A Snow Day – Seriously?

At 5am on Thursday I was rudely ejected from a very nice dream by a call to let us know that school was canceled due to the inclement weather.

This came as something of a surprise, because:

  1. We had already been told that there would be a delayed start (which actually made sense).
  2. It had already stopped snowing.
  3. It was not due to snow anymore that day.

Perhaps the roads were still very bad?  Nope…my road (which is always one of the last to be ploughed) had already been taken care of and looked in great shape.  That left only an impending tornado, roaming polar bears, or a strong teachers union as possible causes.

And that started me thinking…

I grew up in the U.K. and we NEVER had school canceled due to snow.  Any moans or groans would were met with derision by my Father, and quickly followed by stories that invariably started with “When I were a lad…” (yes, he was from Yorkshire).

Of course, in my day, there was zero chance of kids dying in a fiery car crash because…we walked to school! If the snow was deep, we walked slowly.  And before you ask, yes, it was uphill both ways!

I did have a very steep hill to climb on the way to school, and I remember having to use my school bag as a makeshift sled on the way home.  But that wasn’t something to complain about – that was FUN!

But, on this particular Thursday, I cleared the driveway (I love my snowthrower!) and enjoyed a drive to work that was remarkably free of  obstacles like snow…or other cars. The lack of cars made perfect sense, because I arrived at the office to find the place deserted.

What on earth has happened to people?  When did we become such wimps?

Seriously, if we can’t get over a bit of snow to make it to school or work, then how do we really expect to compete in a global economy where kids happily walk miles to learn sitting on a rock, and people fight for the leftovers on your plate?

And that started me thinking again…Holy Cow!  I’ve turned into my Father!



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9 responses to “A Snow Day – Seriously?

  1. Funny. I am appalled and amused at those moments when I realize I’m suddenly my mom. But by the way, teachers’ unions have nothing to do with snow days. Here at my school, the superintendent takes a bus out in the morning and drives the routes and determines from that if it’s safe enough.

  2. Love snow days. We don’t have enough of them!! Yes, my Chicago born husband did walk uphill both ways to and from school but now we are 11 miles from school and any day I don’t have to drive is a good day. Especially if I can spend the day-looking out the window at falling snow flakes, drinking hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.

    Snowthrowers are a wonderful invention.

    • I like snow days too, but feel that they should be reserved for days when it is actually difficult to get to school. 🙂 A bit like sick days should really be used when one is sick.

      We have a landscaper that has a snow plow and asked my wife if we needed a quote. She responded “On no…my husband likes using the snow-thrower.” Apparently he totally understood.

      Mmmmm….hot chocolate with mini marshmallows…

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  4. I’m with you on this. That day I had my best commute of the winter season. How I wish it would be like that everyday. It was really quiet in the office. I got a lot done that day.
    Not long ago, it also happen to me that I was telling my children something and I stopped mid stream and says to myself that I sounded like my dad. Wow, it happen to all of us someday whether we like it or not. It goes to show that we do listen to our parents.

  5. Birte

    Being a fellow European I was also surprised with these snow days when living in NJ. I also walked to school every day. My sister and I even walked this one day when there was a hurricane, but my mother did meet us half way on our way home, (no car, she walked too) to make sure we would not be literally blown away..

  6. Somehow it all seems inevitable. Love that Monty Python and the picture of the dog is hilarious too!

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