iPads in Church?

Yesterday was my Daughter’s first Communion.  A beautiful affair with plenty of kids running around dressed like little princes and princesses.

As one of the lucky families we had our own pew for the day and we settled down to watch as our youngest completed another rite of passage.

As the sermon began I was looking around the church taking in the scene when I noticed a woman in the pew in front of us, hunched over with a strange glow illuminating her face.  Was this the glow of enlightenment?  No…it was her iPad!

I thought I would give her the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps she had downloaded her Bible, or the pew books?  I sneaked a peek at the heading – The New York Times Hmmm…  I guess that is at least slightly better than Angry Birds.

She continued to read her iPad, and even engage in some shopping, only stopping when everyone stood up or when she went to take communion (which she actually did).   I didn’t want to be nosy but she wasn’t exactly being discrete with it.

I like to think of myself as open-minded, and I certainly don’t worry too much about the formalities of church, but I actually found this slightly offensive.

If you don’t care about the church then don’t attend.  If you have to because of family obligations (I believe this woman was the mother of one of the kids receiving for the first time) then would it kill you to sit there for an hour?  If my ADHD son can manage that then I think it should be achievable for most people.

I don’t know…am I being too prudish?



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2 responses to “iPads in Church?

  1. NO! I am totally plugged in but this women was obnoxious, clueless, and disrespectful to the others in the church. I am big on live and let live but this women needed to be told to leave her IPad at home.

    Congratulations on your daughters first communion. I saw the children walking into Church yesterday with proud parents…We did not chose this route but first communion day always makes me smile ..I still remember my dress and the priests very large but kind and reassuring hands.

    • Thanks! Judging by the comments here, and on other places like FB, it would seem that it isn’t just me that found it offensive.

      And thank you for your good wishes.

      Everyone has to choose their own route. If you would have told me 5 years ago that my kids would have been going to their first communion I would have laughed. Funny how life turns out.

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