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The Secrets of Women and Motorcycles

Since the beginning of time (I assume) men have a hard time understanding the way women think, particularly when it came to more ‘intimate’ matters.

But I read something recently which finally put things into terms that I could understand and allowed me a peek into the strange world of women’s desires, and here it is…

Men view sex as a goal – a destination to be reached as quickly as possible and by the shortest route.  Women, however, see sex as a journey – a set of experiences to be savored along the way.  The destination is nice, but it is the journey that counts.

As an avid motorcyclist this was something I could totally relate to.  Motorcycling is all about the journey.  The destination (be it great ribs or a classic bike show) is, more often than not, just an excuse to get out and ride.

The same split can be seen in other activities too – take shopping as an example.  Women will happily spend hours at the mall, completely immersing themselves in the entire retail experience.  Men, on the other hand, “hunt shoes” – grabbing the first pair that fit the need, and heading home triumphant.

Sadly the introduction of children often makes it difficult to spend sufficient time on the journey – which no-doubt explains why many mothers find themselves in a state of low libido, and their husbands in a state of frustration.

But the first step to solving a problem is knowing what the problem is.  Now that I finally get it I will be trying harder to focus on the journey, and I would suggest that you do the same too.

“Too often we are so preoccupied with the destination, we forget the journey.”~Unknown

Enjoy the journey!


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Google Cloud Connect : The Free and Easy Alternative to SharePoint

Unfortunately Google Cloud Connect has been shut down as of Aprils 30th 2013.  For more information and steps that should be taken if you already have this installed please visit this link:

Microsoft SharePoint is a great collaboration tool but is far too complex for most small businesses and home users.   Fortunately the folks at Google have provided an answer that is both simple to use and totally FREE!   Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office .

Recognizing that 95% of the time Microsoft SharePoint is nothing more than a place to store and share documents Google has provided a way to merge that functionality very neatly into Google Docs .

Google Cloud Connect not only backs up your work to the cloud but also adds true collaboration to Microsoft Office, allowing others to simultaneously edit your documents while changes are automatically synchronized across computers. Finally everyone has the latest version!

Google Cloud Connect has all the features one would expect from something tied into Google docs , providing just the right mixture of collaboration, security and control.   You get to choose who and when to share your files with and control is available at the document level.

All you need to get started is a copy of Microsoft Office , a Google account, and an Internet Connection.

Installing Google Cloud Connect only takes about a minute and, once installed, you will see a new toolbar bar at the top of office documents.  Connect to your Google account you can start sharing documents immediately .

As someone who has felt the pain of getting Alfresco to synchronize with Microsoft office all I can say is setting up Google Cloud Connect was childishly easy.  Not only that but the servers that Google supply for free are much faster than the one that I was paying for .

Google Cloud Connect works with Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 and will synchronize Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Sadly, due to the lack of support for open APIs on Microsoft Office for Mac, Google Cloud Connect is not available on Apple products at this time.

If you have a Google account and Microsoft Office what do you have to lose?  Unless, of course, you have no friends to collaborate with.

Note:  From my own experimentation synchronization works best when using Internet Explorer – I guess Microsoft still keep their hold on those APIs.


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How To Save Money on your New Flatscreen TV!

Have you ever made an impulse buy only to suffer buyers remorse later when you found out others paid far less? 

HDMI cables

In Walmart‘s electronic section, there is a wall of HDMI cables with a huge sign above, saying “Everyday Low Price $30!

Hey…Everyday low price – must be good right?

I guess we are lucky that the price has come down that much.  When I bought my first flat screen TV, retailers were asking $70 or more for a 6 ft cable – and people were snapping them up!

Obviously, you need a HDMI cable to make that fancy new TV look great – so here’s a few quick tips to save you money:

1. Online cables are practically free.

While stores will rip you for an  in-store purchase for your new TV, an online purchase can save you big bucks.  As I write this, Amazon is advertising a 6 ft HDMI cable for just $2.22!

2. TVs are not impulse buys – plan and shop ahead!

You have been thinking about that TV for a while now – checking out the consumer report ratings and seeing what your friends have.  While you are doing all that online research, take a moment to nip over to and spring for a HDMI cable…it will be at home waiting when you drive up with that new TV.

3. All cables ARE the same.

There have been many comparisons between fancy HDMI cables and their cheaper counterparts.  The one recurring fact that comes up time and time again is that there’s no noticeable difference, either visually or using lab equipment.  A $2 cable gives the same results as a $200 cable (and, yes, there actually are $200 cables!)

So, don’t be taken in with all the glitz about fancy metals, low oxygen content or polarization – it’s all just ‘snake oil’.

Enjoy your new TV!

Before you head out to buy that fancy, new high-tech entertainment system, take a moment to follow the advice above.  Then sit back, put your feet up, and decide what to do with all that money you saved, as you watch QVC in crystal clear detail.

Relax with your new TV


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