How To Save Money on your New Flatscreen TV!

Have you ever made an impulse buy only to suffer buyers remorse later when you found out others paid far less? 

HDMI cables

In Walmart‘s electronic section, there is a wall of HDMI cables with a huge sign above, saying “Everyday Low Price $30!

Hey…Everyday low price – must be good right?

I guess we are lucky that the price has come down that much.  When I bought my first flat screen TV, retailers were asking $70 or more for a 6 ft cable – and people were snapping them up!

Obviously, you need a HDMI cable to make that fancy new TV look great – so here’s a few quick tips to save you money:

1. Online cables are practically free.

While stores will rip you for an  in-store purchase for your new TV, an online purchase can save you big bucks.  As I write this, Amazon is advertising a 6 ft HDMI cable for just $2.22!

2. TVs are not impulse buys – plan and shop ahead!

You have been thinking about that TV for a while now – checking out the consumer report ratings and seeing what your friends have.  While you are doing all that online research, take a moment to nip over to and spring for a HDMI cable…it will be at home waiting when you drive up with that new TV.

3. All cables ARE the same.

There have been many comparisons between fancy HDMI cables and their cheaper counterparts.  The one recurring fact that comes up time and time again is that there’s no noticeable difference, either visually or using lab equipment.  A $2 cable gives the same results as a $200 cable (and, yes, there actually are $200 cables!)

So, don’t be taken in with all the glitz about fancy metals, low oxygen content or polarization – it’s all just ‘snake oil’.

Enjoy your new TV!

Before you head out to buy that fancy, new high-tech entertainment system, take a moment to follow the advice above.  Then sit back, put your feet up, and decide what to do with all that money you saved, as you watch QVC in crystal clear detail.

Relax with your new TV


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4 responses to “How To Save Money on your New Flatscreen TV!

  1. Comment from BD via Facebook: “Barry, you may as well refer ’em to Blue Jean Cables or MonoPrice Both sites have excellent variety at rock bottom prices. Just got my amp at outlaw audio, 400w x 5 (4ohms) and the home theater literally rocks the house. Outlaw sells the fancy cables at reasonable down to earth prices.”

  2. Comment from MT via Facebook: “Just one correction that you need an HDMI cable to make your picture look great .. you don’t … at least for broadcast television. You can get a full HD terrestrial signal via a normal cable connection for free. Only two HDTV resolutions are being broadcast now and in the foreseeable future. ABC and Fox, with emphasis on fast-moving sports programming, chose 720p. The other channels are broadcast in 1080. For $30 you can get an antenna for your atic .. we don’t subscribe to cable .. and get a similar 60 channels of crap ;-)”

  3. Thanks! I don’t need a new television but the information about cables is helpful and I shall file it away for future use!

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