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3 lessons from a forced career change

Yet another great post by John Stepper. I almost feel as thought he is talking to just me with his posts.

John Stepper

“We’re going to make a change.”

I heard those words a few years ago, just before bonus time. And that short conversation made me realize how little control I had over my career. How I was too dependent on my manager to define who I was, what I did, and how well I did it.

This week, at an event in Singapore, I talked with 120 people about what I learned since then.

I wanted to share 3 lessons that could give them a bit more control over their career – and their life.

#1: Career plans are graphs, not ladders.

I used to work in prime brokerage technology during the hedge fund heyday. So, if I needed a job, our 1000s of fund customers could have been a rich source of opportunities for me.

But how many hedge fund people did I know? Zero.

The reason was that I…

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