I made someone’s day today!

chefI treated myself to a breakfast sandwich from our company’s cafeteria this morning.  I don’t do this very often, so it had been a couple of weeks since I was last there.

While waiting for my sandwich I remembered that the last time I was there the Chef (Keith) had mentioned his birthday was coming up, so I said Happy Birthday while I waited.  He looked quizzically at me so I told him that I remembered that his birthday was last week.

The transformation that came over him from such a simple thing was amazing!

He stood up straight, his face lit up with an ear to ear smile and he said “Thank you so much!…I really didn’t expect that.  You just made my day.”  And I think I did.  His whole demeanor changed and he had a real spring in his step as he went about preparing breakfast for his customers all the while saying “I didn’t expect that!” over and over.

Such a simple thing, but so worthwhile.

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