Mandatory Snopes Checks

falseThe Presidential election season is the perfect time for Facebook, Twitter and other social media to implement automatic Snopes checks.  

You know who these people are.  These are the ones that can’t help but instantly share stories about Obama being pro Muslim or removing the phrase “In God we trust” from currency.  Or ones about Donald Trump* saying black people should go back to Africa if they don’t like America.

Implementation would be pretty easy.  All posts would be immediately fact checked with Snopes (or other reputable sources).  To encourage people to think before they share the following tiered level of rebuke would be implemented:

  • First offence:  The post is not shared and you are reminded to check facts before sharing
  • Second offence: The post is not shared and you are blocked from the site for 5 minutes
  • Third offence: The post is not shared. You are blocked from the site for 20 minutes and a mild electric shock is introduced through the keyboard
  • Fourth offence:  Sterilization.  That might seem a little harsh but we really need to clean this one out of the gene pool

interlockThey have ignition lockouts for people that are DUI repeat offenders, so why not social media?

* There may have to be an exception for posts about Donald Trump.  It’s often hard to tell fact from fiction in these cases.



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4 responses to “Mandatory Snopes Checks

  1. rainabba

    The world would seriously be a better place with such a system. Ignorance is one thing, but disinformation is a tool of war and adolescents.

  2. I admit to COL (Chuckling Out Loud) in a cafe when I got to the punishment for a fourth offense. Well done.

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