About me

Originally from London I have been living the U.S. since 1995, which is a tad longer that the 18 month assignment I came out here for.  I’m married to a wife that I don’t deserve and we have three wonderful kids.

I’m told that I am creative, irreverent, geeky and “sometimes scary”…(sic)


I have been in IT since the tender age of 16 and spend a good deal of my time playing with new gadgets and checking out new offerings, particularly in the open source world.  For fun I created websites for friends and charities and that blossomed into a business creating websites for companies under the banner of “The Computer Whisperer“.

My British upbringing causes me to insult the people that I like, so any darts thrown your way are really a lame attempt at being friendly. Honest!

I like reading but tend to get most of my “reading” done these days via audio books, as I can do that while driving the car.  Books that take a slightly sideways look at life (Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Notes from a Small Island and books by Scott Adams) will generally have me squirting drinks through my nose.  But anything that causes me to look at life differently is engaging and I actually enjoy a well thought out argument / debate as long as everyone keeps it friendly.

I love driving and riding motorcycles but I take the art of doing that far too seriously for my own good.  But that is also my favorite form of meditation and where I get most of my “good” ideas.

Other likes are Sci-Fi (my wife says “good sci-fi” is an oxymoron), Music, Food – especially cookies, Skiing, Scuba diving, and teaching.  I play various sports well enough to not be an embarrassment, but not well enough to have people pick me for their teams.

Travel should be something on everyone’s agenda – it teaches you to roll with the punches and to realize that inconvenience is a misperceived adventure.  And, yes, you should try those “funny” foods while you are there.

Claims to fame:  Runner up in the 1974 under-12 Wittly-woods Hop-Scotch Championship.

Ironic legal mumbo-jumbo:
The opinions expressed here are mine, and mine alone, and do not necessarily reflect my past, current or future employers.

13 responses to “About me

  1. Duggie

    Yo matey, bring it on , would love to see all those thoughts from all those times. Have read a few blogs that are basically written masturbation so don’t fall into the ‘who loves me?….. I do’ trap.

    And yes you take driving waaay too seriously, but you haven’t crashed yet that I know about.

    Best of luck buddy.

  2. Here is another Sci-Fi fan.

    Happy Weekend.

  3. John

    What about our mutal love of Fiscal?

  4. Matt C

    Nice start barry, nice to have some time in your life to do things like this for once.

  5. John Vervoort

    Reminds me a bit of the “risk homeostasis” days…
    He’s baaaack!!

  6. leslie

    Hi Barry,

    I myself have been hitch hiking around the galaxy. Let’s catch up and compare notes.


  7. strikehold

    Hey Houldsworth – my surname is “Holsworth” and I moved to the UK in early 1996 (I’m originally from Canada, but lived in the US for about 18 years as well). And we both have blogs on WordPress – how random is that? 🙂

  8. Ah ha ha…”My British upbringing causes me to insult the people that I like.” I very much relate to that statement but I’m French Canadian.

  9. Hi Barry:

    I came over to check out your blog after your comment on Jane’s (They Call Me Jane) blog about not getting many comments…basically, generating comments is all about networking. I’ll celebrate a year of blogging on March 23rd…over the year, I’ve steadily built up a community of fellow writers whose work I admire (see my blogroll “He Said”, “She Said”, and “They Said”). I read and comment on their posts, and they often reciprocate (I also answer almost all comments on my blog). I have my blog posts linked to my Facebook account, so those friends and family who choose to read them have easy access.

    I liked the posts of yours that I read, especially your Valentine’s Day tribute to your wife…very nice! As a teacher, you might enjoy my friend, EduClaytion (Clay Morgan)…he’s just launched a new site called “Pop Teacher.com” which is all about using pop culture to teach (he’s a college history professor). There are also lots of other cool people on my blogroll…check them out…I find it fun to “hook people up.”

    I have subscribed…I will definitely comment!


    • Wendy,

      Thank you for the helpful advice – and for taking the time to comment :). I do already have my blog linked to Facebook. In fact most people then comment on FB rather than here.

      Education is certainly an area that I am very interested in – in fact I have another education blog waiting in the wings (meaning I have the notes but not the blog). I definitely like the idea of using pop culture to boost education so I will check those sites out.

      I do find the Twenty Ten template tends to hide the comment link somewhat – I even have to look for it myself – so I might switch to another template in the future. A shame because I actually like the look other than that.

      Thanks again!


  10. jameslramsay

    “My British upbringing causes me to insult the people that I like, so any darts thrown your way are really a lame attempt at being friendly. Honest!”

    I suffer this all the time – reassuringly I also manage to insult or terrify UK natives too.

    As Kermit said – “Its isnt easy being Green”

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