Beginnings are always hard.  It doesn’t seem to matter whether it is writing a book, going to the gym or, as in this case, starting a blog.  Half of the things on my “honey do” list have been there for a long while, not because they are hard, but because I just can’t bring myself to start them.  So why is that?

And why the heck am I writing a blog anyway?  I’m going to be asked that by J (my long suffering wife) anyway, so I might as well get it out here.

I think the simplest answer to that is to say that I have been writing some sort of journal, filled with everything from questions or observances on life to my latest crazy business idea, for years.  I have little books filled with this stuff but, until now, it has been kept mostly private.

So, why put it out there for people to see and why not use another medium such as Facebook or Twitter?

Let’s start with the last question first – I see Facebook as a great way to share a quick status update on what people are doing, but I wouldn’t like to inflict anything meatier on people without them signing up for it.  And I can’t really see posts of 140 characters or less being any different.

But why put things out there now?  In a word – feedback!  I’ve been happily working in a vacuum but, if I am honest, ideas really need to be shared to mature and keeping them locked up in my Moleskin notebooks isn’t letting that happen. 

I also find that sharing ideas and receiving feedback actually generates new, and sometimes better, ideas than the first one (although I know you will find it hard to believe that my initial ideas were not perfect).

So there it is.  Going forward I plan to make at least one blog entry per week and I hope that there will be at least a couple of people on the other side that will offer some sort of feedback.  Don’t let me see this T-shirt and wonder if it is true!


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8 responses to “Beginnings

  1. Joanne

    Yes, as a matter of fact, the first words out of J’s mouth were “Why do a blog?” I guess you know me too well! 🙂 Best wishes, and I promise to be a regular reader. XXOO

  2. Bobby


  3. Go on then, say something!

  4. Suz

    Starting is by far the hardest part…and the feedback, after all these years of writing only for yourself, will be a revelation…and the very best part… I know exactly how you feel. Looking forward to following along… Good luck!!

  5. There are so many kind of blogs and I am blogging to show my photos and to tell stories behind them and of course to get feedback and to give it also.

    Good luck!

  6. A nice and a very true summary of what we all went through with our kids. As I matured (well, kind’s), I learned that the kids don’t really care if it’s a trip to Conney Island or Yellowstone, as long as it’s fun with the parents, they will not remember anyway. They just absorb the family bond to they soul and that’s anyway the important part. OTOH, Yellowstone is a fascinating place that you as parents will enjoy, and being with your kids while you are having fun is a reward for the suffering before and during the flight. Take pictures so you know where your next motorcycle trip destination is planned for, after all, it will be at least a decade before you get there again.

    • That is very true. Our kids would be just as excited if we were at the Holiday Inn 20 minutes away, as long as it had a pool!

      But we will be meeting other people my Brother from England and some friends that we have in Colorado who have kids the same age. Add in some activities like white water rafting and it should be a great time.

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